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Emerson Wondergram
This Emmerson phonograph (Emerson Corporation, New York) is made bys John Logie Baird Ltd., Londen in 1960.
Unlocking the cover, it opens spring actuated for about 15 mm.
Meanwhile the pivot of the tone arm is unclamped and lifts also.
Moving the tone arm outside will start the motor. The record has to be placed on the brace pivot and is just touching
the drive wheel but will not start rotating. When the cover is closed a small wheel inside the cover will push the record
on the wheel.
Needle force can be adjusted
by means of the position of
the tension spring mount.
It plays 33-1/3 en 45 rpm records. However there is no switch to change speed. Instead there are two drive wheels both
on the same traction axis. The most left wheel on the picture above will actuate a record near from centre resulting in
45 rpm for singles. Long play records with a larger diameter are driven by the right wheel, further away from center playing
33 1/3 rpm. This wheel is larger so the left wheel will not touch the LP record.
Three feed are folded out for positioning and making free
space for the speaker witch is positioned at the bottom.
The cage with the two drive wheels is pivoting between the record and the motor axis.
This kind of drive will not improve sound quality.
Adjustment of record end position.
An adapter is positioned inside the cover.